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4.8 Million Americans suffer shoulder injuries each year. Many can’t sleep through the night because of the pain.

That can all change.

You can help.

Let’s work together to bring sleepless nights to an end.

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Our Prototype

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The Simple Science Behind the Invention

1. The slightest pressure on any sensitive wound always increases the pain. Increased pressure on injured joints always increases the pain too. Try walking on a sprained ankle or in this case sleeping on an injured shoulder.

2. Regular mattresses and shoulder pain do not go together. It’s a bad environment  Any pressure on an injured shoulder increases pain. This leads to sleep loss and a longer healing period.

3. Regular every day mattresses increase pressure on shoulders whether lying on the side or back. The shoulder is especially unique when sleeping, in that, it is compressed whether on lying on the side or back. When on the back the should blade is compressed into the body which can also lead to increased pain. 

4. The Channel Mattress by its unique design takes the pressure off an injured shoulder and transfers it to the upper torso or chest. It’s a sudo crutch for the shoulder. Thus, eliminating or reducing shoulder pain. 

 5. The Channel Mattress and injured shoulders are a perfect match. It’s a great environment. Undo pressure is eliminated which promotes deserved sleep and a shorter healing period.

6. The Channel Mattress eliminates the compression applied to a shoulder. The shoulder retains its unique uncompressed state whether lying on the side or back. Common knowledge tells us that keeping pressure off an injured ankle promotes a better and faster healing environment. It is the same with the Channel Mattress.

Our clients love us


I have disc damage in my neck. This causes pain and tingling sensations in my upper neck, shoulder and arms, sometimes waking me up. Sleeping on the Channel Mattress greatly minimized these symptoms. I enjoy a good night’s sleep, and wake up pain free. I also had greatly reduced daytime symptoms. I highly recommend the Channel Mattress for a great night’s’ sleep and pain free days.

Randy B.

Vehicle Maintenance Worker, Brandon Florida

I think the cut-out portion of the bed is a great idea.I have a shoulder that has torn ligaments. It hurts to raise my arm above the height of my shoulder. To place my shoulder down in the space provided made me feel comfortable; as it is, I like to lay on my side. I use the bed every night and definitely recommend it for anyone with bad circulation or a shoulder problem like mine.

Lucille K.

Teacher, Riverview Florida

My wife is the one with shoulder discomfort and I wanted to experience what she was raving about. However, I only lay on my side occasionally, but when I laid down for some time on both sides to try it out I found the mattress highly supportive, comfortable, and having my arm down in the “trench” -so to speak – was a nice addition. I could definitely see that the advantage of this mattress design is of great value for someone who, like my wife, experiences shoulder and arm pain when sleeping. This mattress works. There’s no doubt about it!

Doug K.

Auto Parts , Riverview Florida

I’m a truck driver with rotator cuff issues. After a long day at the wheel my left shoulder is painful, and I can’t find a position lying down that is comfortable for sleep. Using the channel mattress I am able to sleep for a full rest period. As I am a left side sleeper, my shoulder and arm fits nicely into the channel and allows for a painless no pressure nights rest.

Joe O.

Truck Driver, Tyler Texas


Hello, my name is Tom Turowski and I am the inventor of the Channel Mattress. Listen up ya’ll. 4.8 million Americans* injure their shoulders each year. Thousands, maybe millions, of them can’t get a good nights sleep. Well now they can because of the Channel Mattress.I want you to know that I’m doing my darnedest to deliver this to those needed Americans, but I’m just a one horse team trying to haul this wagon over a dusty, tough and rocky terrain to its destination. What do I mean by that? I am a hard working, big rig trucker, hauling freight over the road throughout the beautiful lower 48 states and Canada. How hard to I work you ask? I work 21 days straight and then I’m home for four days and right back at it again. In other words. I work my butt off. What does that translates into? I have no fear of work. I’m 100% devoted. My problem is that white line fever grabs my attention 10 to 14 hours a day and that’s for −21− days straight! Now, if you can’t see the difficulty that equation then you must be blind in one eye and can’t see out of the other. How can anyone be 100% devoted to two things?

That’s where you come in. So whatcha waiting for? Climb on up this wagon grab hold of them reins and together we can drive this mule team to its destination helping millions of hurting Americans get a good nights sleep.

I can be contacted at: Be sure to put ‘Channel Mattress’ in the subject line.